What is APF?


Art Promoters Foundation Tanzania (APF) is based on three main pillars:

1. Cultural Tourism to benefit local communities in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

2. Supporting local musicians and artisans to develop, promote, and showcase their talents.

3. Youth empowerment and education, with a focus on women and the arts.

Who we are:

APF Tanzania is located in the quaint town of Bagamoyo, Tanzania on the coast of the Indian Ocean about 70 km north of Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. APF consists of 6 programs to work towards our vision and mission. Experience Tanzania Tours offers basic packages and customizable cultural tours in Bagamoyo with a range of activities from dhow trips to traditional music lessons, bike tours to tingatinga painting. We currently operate a recording studio, APF Studios, based in Bagamoyo, Tanzania which offers quality, comprehensive recording, mixing, and mastering services to musicians in the community at an affordable rate.


APF was founded in 2006 by Msafiri Zawose as a way to continue traditional music in the Bagamoyo community. APF offers a number of programs and lessons and provides a unique opportunity to learn traditional music and culture. The Zawose family still lives a traditional family life in Bagamoyo, speaking their native Gogo language, and making the traditional music instruments and costumes that make the music and culture so unique. APF also offers educational classes and workshops in traditional wood carving, tinga tinga painting, and other forms of Tanzanian art.

APF hopes to offer free workshops and lessons to children in the Bagamoyo community to instill a respect and admiration for traditional culture. All funds raised to support the foundation are used to sponsor music lessons, instrument making materials, and transportation to participate in educational music workshops, as well as dance/music festivals in Tanzania.

Everyone is invited to take part! If you are interested in private/groups lessons or to schedule a performance, please contact Msafiri directly at +255 784 829218 or via email at mzawose@gmail.com

The Foundation

Art Promoters Foundation has dedicated its efforts towards community outreach among youth in Bagamoyo, Tanzania to reinforce the importance of preserving traditional culture. Tanzania has a rich diversity of tribes, languages, cultures, and musical styles. These are being forgotten in the younger generations as pop music and Western styles are dominating the media. It would truly be a shame to see Tanzanian music and culture lost. APF aims to preserve this culture by reaching out to the community to offer music, dance, singing, and art lessons, as well as instrument and traditional costume making.
APF organizes short workshops to showcase the work of the foundation, such as art exhibitions and student performances. Aside from these short term goals and projects, APF has a long term vision of creating a local school for the promotion of Tanzanian art, music, and culture.
We thank you for your support of Tanzanian music! If you have any additional questions about the foundation, please contact Hannah Nelson at hannah.nelson@me.com or send an email to apftanzania@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “What is APF?

  1. Dear Hannah:
    Thank you so very much for sharing this with me. What wonderful work you are accomplishing.

    Love you

    Ms Claire

  2. Dear Hannah:
    This is such a love & joy that i can’t explain how awesome it is, Thanks very much you all for sharing this with me.


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